Business Health Diagnostic

What is your "Business Success Quotient"™?

You've heard of the IQ, which is a measure of someone's intelligence. What we are going to measure here is your BQ. This is a tool to measure the probability of the future success of your business. We often refer to this as the "Business Success Quotient", and it's a score from zero to 100, with 100 being the highest. We have found that the most successful companies have a score between 90 and 100.

Grade yourself from 1 to 10 for each of the statements below. A score of 10 indicates that you agree totally with the statement as it relates to you and/or your business. A score of 1 indicates that you do not agree at all with the statement as it relates to you and/or your business. The objective is to determine a score of the health of your business.



Delegation: I have no problem delegating tasks and objectives in my business; in fact, I delegate even the most important objectives of my company.


Time Management: The way I run my business is relatively straightforward. I rarely work more than 45 hours per week; and, while I am home, I rarely use my laptop, computer, or smart phone for work.


Business Strategy: As the leader, I always spend more than 50% of my working hours on high-level purpose and business strategy-related tasks.


Leadership: I am very confident that my business employs the right executives on the leadership team. I don't need to hire anyone else to fill any rolls on my leadership team.


Debt: My business and personal life are both debt-free.


Values-Based Decision Making: Since business tends to be very complicated today, I realize that having a crystal-clear set of values, from which all decisions are made, simplifies complexity. Therefore, our business has a clear set of values from which to make all decisions.


Stress: I am never stressed - in fact - I can't remember the last time I was stressed-out or reactive about my business.


Company Accountability/MBO: Each quarter, I sit down with my leaders to formulate our 5, quarterly Company objectives. Then we communicate these objectives to all employees; along with a bonus system tied to achievement of these objectives.


Individual Accountability: We have built levels of accountability down through our organization to all employees; so that everyone is accountable to clear objectives inside the business, and everyone is crystal clear on what is expected of them, i.e. each employee's role is clearly defined.


Purpose: I feel that – personally - I am on purpose. I also feel that my business has a clear purpose that fully aligns everyone involved in the company; and everyone in the company can clearly articulate our "Company Purpose Statement."