"Business Finishing School is a powerful program designed to provide the Business professional with the tools we were never taught in school, OR ANYWHERE ELSE!! Rick Sapio's brilliance shines through, and inspires and leads us to define our business goals and vision in a meaningful way, which will propel us to greater clarity and success."

Mark B. Resetarits
Salt Lake City, UT

"Business Finishing School has been an amazing source of business knowledge. The information I have learned and implemented in my practice has radically improved our operations by making us more efficient and effective. Procedures such as 'values-based decision making' have helped to automate our business decision-making process. Decisions that may have taken days to finalize, are now made in an instant. Also Rick Sapio's teachings about "management-by-objectives" have allowed me to manage my staff without having to micro-manage them. I have 8 employees, and everyone is crystal clear on what is expected of them and by when. That means each staff member can self-evaluate and know exactly how they are performing at any given time. This frees up my time to be used for its highest and best value. Our off-site office business retreat was so powerful that my practice grew by over 25% immediately. Now my staff generates more new patients that I do, and all of that is because of adhering to Rick Sapio's business principles in Business Finishing School. I am grateful to Dr. Gentempo and Rick Sapio for packing so much value into this program. I look forward to learning more."

Amir Rashidian
Frederick, MD

"Start looking at yourself as the CEO of your own practice! Business Finishing School gives you the tools and the strategies to take your business to the next level, so you can REALLY make a bigger and more positive impact in the lives of others and in your community."

Nathalie Beauchamp
Ottawa, Canada

"Business Finishing School has transformed our office. We utilize the BFS principles in our staff meetings and trainings to hone our mission, vision and purpose. By applying the principles learned in BFS we now have every member of our staff engaged, motivated, and inspired to help us serve others. Starting with the 'doorman principle' and 'values-based decision' making, which helped us recognize that our values must match the decisions we make. Each meeting incorporates the 'management-by-objectives' goals for every team member, as well as our company as a whole. I have personally implemented all of the rhythms, rituals, habits, patterns, and meetings into my life; and put it to paper. Powerful!!! Business Finishing School is the educational program that will transform our profession!!!"

Mike Acanfora
Bayonne, NJ

"I have been in practice for 27 years. I have managed multiple offices and have been very successful. I have had MANY ups and downs. Most of the chiropractic seminars and consultants are of great value if you apply what you have learned. I've attended most of them. Business Finishing School is NOT a seminar or learning experience like any other. It is the foundation, the standards and principles of business which will allow you to make any of the other seminars a successful venture. I completed the first module about five weeks ago. The re-foundation I am creating from that module will certainly make me millions in the next few years! It will enable me to serve many more patients more effectively. Our offices are already being transformed and the result is a passion that is naturally coming forth from the entire staff. Patrick, thank you! Rick, thank you!"

Steve Hoody
New York City, NY

"The most impressive thing about Business Finishing School is how tangible the advice is. After each lesson I have a handful of axioms that I can start implementing in my practice immediately. Rick presents his knowledge in a very accessible, layperson manner, which removes the all-to-common step of deciphering when knowledge is transferred from one profession to the next. As co-host, Pat offers salient examples on how to apply Rick's lessons. Basically, if Rick's clear presentation and focused message don't deliver the goods, Pat's experience in our field will help you marry principles to practice."

Jessica Dietrich-Marsh
Pelham, AL

"This is the best business program I have been through BY FAR in my career. I have implemented many of the things taught. Among other things, I have implemented a pay-for-performance system for our employees, so raises are not automatic. They can be earned at any time with better performance. Most importantly, I have become clear on what I want, got rid of certain people and things in my life that did not contribute to achieving my goals, I say NO far more often, and my mantra lately is 'better a small pain now, for long term benefit vs. small benefit now for long term pain later.' Thanks for all you do!"

David A. Packer
Chesapeake, VA